Schemas for the namespace

Note: With the registration of the domain name a new namespace has been introduced ( To ease the transition to the new namespace there are two versions of the schemas available, one that uses the namespace and another that uses the namespace Other than the namespaces used the two sets of schema are identical.


The following schemas are available:

Base Schemas
xcesGlobal.xsdDefinitions of base types and common attributes
xcesModels.xsdDefinitions of the content models used in the XCES type definitions
xcesDatatypes.xsd Definitions of the element types used in the XCES.
Document schemas
xcesHeader.xsdGuidelines for XCES headers
xcesAlign.xsdGuidelines for alignment
xcesAna.xsdGuidelines for standoff annotations. Note: this schema has changed considerably.
xcesDoc.xsdGuidelines for annotating texts
xcesSpoken.xsdGuidelines for annotating spoken documents
Auxillary schemas
xcesLink.xsdDefinitions of the attributes in the XLink namespace
anc-xces.xsdSome group definitions used in the ANC


If you would like local copies of the schemas they may be downloaded here.